Fabian Fülling

Fabian Fülling

Hi, I'm Fabian.

Software Engineer. | Solutions Architect. | Passionate Coder.

Berlin, Germany

Fabian Fülling

Software Engineer. Solutions Architect. Passionate Coder.



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Building websites for more than 15 years, being a professional Software Engineer for much more then a decade. I feel most comfortable in the PHP world, but I love exploring other languages, frameworks, concepts and philosophies.

Getting to know MongoDB and the NoSQL world in detail opened my eyes for entirely new concepts of building highly scalable and highly available architectures and applications.

Being the tech lead of a market leader IT company, I enjoy just as much as doing smaller full-stack projects with my own company orangecloud.

Taking and giving. Contributing to open source projects is a great way of sharing knowledge and experience. Checkout my own projects at and .

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